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UNSHP and SDS Int'l Group Partnership for Sustainable Health Development

Increasingly, national and international actors are recognizing the urgency of addressing sanitation as a foundation of health, environmental protection and economic and social development and are seeking guidance on policy formulation and investment. Furthermore, post-2015 discussions indicate that sanitation is likely to be retained in the global development agenda. Consequently, further attention and investment in sanitation is expected. UNSHP is developing guidelines on sanitation and health and promoting Sanitation Safety Planning to provide evidence based recommendations and tools to maximize the health benefits of sanitation investments. Sanitation, especially a lack of sanitation services, impacts the health, ecosystems and general ecosystems of households, communities and the region. Since these three dimensions cross over into other sectors, there will be an emphasis on how cross-sectoral partnerships can bring new solutions to addressing sanitation challenges UNSHP and SDS Int'l Group as a member of UN Global Compact has signed a strategic alliance agreement and committed to further effective cooperation's in:

- Sustainable Health Development

- Ecosystems and Sanitation

- Climate Change and World Future

- Environmental Risk Management for Social Health

- Corporate Social Responsibility and Health

- Health Investment

- Health and Human Right Development

- Investing in Health Education for New Generation

- Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment in Health related Industry

- Fact-Based investigations in Health related Sectors

- Business and Women and Child Health

- Communication and Health Promotion Programs

- Auditing and Monitoring in Health related Sectors

- Equity Access to Health Services