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 Healthcare Private Equity Pioneers
Investment in healthcare private equity continues to accelerate, even amid disruption. In the past, healthcare made up only a small portion of private equity funds, but pioneers helped make it mainstream.

 WHO supports scientifically-proven traditional medicine
WHO recognizes that traditional, complementary and alternative medicine has many benefits and Africa has a long history of traditional medicine and practitioners that play an important role in providing care to populations. Medicinal plants such as Artemisia annua are being considered as possible treatments for COVID-19 and should be tested for efficacy and adverse side effects. Africans deserve to use medicines tested to the same standards as people in the rest of the world. Even if therapies are derived from traditional practice and natural, establishing their efficacy and safety through rigorous clinical trials is critical.

 Indexing Risk To Recover From COVID-19
Worldwide, many countries continue to experience an extended period of COVID-19 risks. There are no off-the-shelf solutions for managing such a complex crisis, in which measures to prevent transmission will have colossal economic and social costs. Countries are forced to confront hard choices of balancing the needs to save lives and to save livelihoods.

 What COVID-19 Can Teach Us About Sustainability
The coronavirus strain that causes COVID-19 has infected over two million people in more than 160 countries. The rising death counts are heartbreaking, and the fact that we can’t even go through the customary funeral rituals to help us heal emotionally has made the crisis that much harder for many of us. We’re also feeling the economic impacts of the pandemic, with unemployment rates climbing, the financial markets indicating a global recession and small businesses being forced to close in a number of areas

 Immunity to COVID-19: Front line health workers consider deliberate infection
As COVID-19 numbers climb precipitously, health care workers, first responders and the countless individuals working in "essential services" make a heroic decision: Do I come to work and put myself and my family at greater risk, or do I #StayAtHome? This decision is made harder by ongoing shortages of necessary personal protective equipment.

 Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere
Universal health coverage is WHO’s number one goal. Key to achieving it is ensuring that everyone can obtain the care they need, when they need it, right in the heart of the community. Progress is being made in countries in all regions of the world. But millions of people still have no access at all to health care. Millions more are forced to choose between health care and other daily expenses such as food, clothing and even a home. This is why WHO is focusing on universal health coverage for this year’s World Health Day, on 7 April